Ridley Scott Receives Criticism For His Casting In ‘The Martian’

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 1 year ago
Ridley Scott Receives Criticism For His Casting In ‘The Martian’
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“The Martian” stands perfectly as a sublime epilogue with the excellent cinematic crafts. The film has earned quite a good reputation in the global cinematic platform, as well as gathered a lucrative box office collection. But this time, it grabs media attention not for the critical lauds, rather for a new allegation that has nailed Ridley Scott’s classic.


Scott has been slammed by the Media Action Network for Asian Americans as the director exhibited bias towards Americans by casting Mackenzie Davis and Chiwetel Ejio for the characters, initially written for Asians in the original novel.

The Matt Damon starrer tells a tale of an astronaut who will be trapped in the lonely planet Mars and will combat against natural odds to survive. The film is adapted from Andy Weir’s novel with the same title and now, post its release, rages have been smoked as the film replaced the predominant Asian characters of the novel.

A sour note from MANAA pointed the particular replacement as a skeptic act because Scott has narrowed his vision by eliminating the Asian and Pacific Island ethnicities from the massive box office darling. The substantial characters were portrayed by British-born actor Chiwetel Ejiofor and Caucasian actress Mackenzie Davis that lines a clear difference from the 2011 best-selling novel by Weir.

Dr. Venkat Kapoor, who is originally from Southeast Asia in the written version, is Vincent in the movie. He is played by played by black actor Ejiofor and a Korean-American character called Mindy Park was changed to be played by white actress Mackenzie Davis.

The President of Media Action Network, Guy Aoki addressed the media that this would have widened the opportunity for Asian American actors to exhibit their calibers if the director remained truthful to the source. According to them, the movie, which is speculated as a strong competitor in the race of an Academy Award, should not get any award for the cast assembling.

Well, MANAA figured out the tendency to be epidemic in Hollywood of late as Ridley’s 2014 film “Exodus: Gods and Kings” had passed through same sort of casting controversies.

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