Did Rihanna Mean To Disrespect ‘Role Model’ Taylor Swift?

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Did Rihanna Mean To Disrespect ‘Role Model’ Taylor Swift?

It seems like Rihanna would not be a part of Taylor Swift’s ever-increasing girl squad. She said in a recent interview that she won’t join her role model singer on stage. Continue reading to know why.

Though everyone who is anyone wishes to join Taylor Swift, 25 on her forthcoming world tour, looks like Rihanna,27 is not interested to join the “Bad Blood” pop princess on stage.


The “American Oxygen” ad “BBHMM” hitmaker recently confessed in one of her new interviews that she did not think that it would make much sense in joining Taylor on stage.

Hollywood Life states that both Taylor and Rihanna are immensely popular with their individual star powers and all their fans would love to see these two pop stars collaborate. However Rihanna’s recent interview actually squashed that dream. She was asked in the interview that whether she would be joining Taylor on the latter’s tour and she replied to NME magazine that she did not think that it would make sense.

When asked the reason for that, she replied that she did not think that their brands were the same and she thought that they did not match. She also added that their audiences were not the same. Rihanna also said that in her mind though, Taylor was a role model.

Rihanna has been associated with her carefree and racy attitude that gets reflected in her music as well as when she performs on the stage. “BBHMM”, which is her latest music video also demonstrated her dark side and many of her fans were slightly shocked by all the nudity, exposure, and violence that were depicted in it.

Taylor, on the other hand is famous for her recent poppy and melodious ballads and busy with the streaming of “Trying to change the music”. Though these two pop stars are totally different from each other, no one can deny it that both of them are immensely talented.

So it was a bit of a shock that there is no chance of future collaboration as of now. But still we are hopeful of a probable miracle.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Taylor & Rihanna