Rihanna Talks about Taylor Swift, Her Forthcoming Album, Working With Kanye

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Rihanna Talks about Taylor Swift, Her Forthcoming Album, Working With Kanye

Fans of Rihanna have good news awaiting them. It seems like the long wait for the release of the pop singer’s album may finally come to an end.

If you are one of those numerous fans of the pop diva, here is something that may catch your attention. In a recent interview, the pop singer admitted that “R8”, her long awaited album is not yet done as according to her no album is completely done till the final moment.


Rihanna confided in NME that the reason for not being able to finish her album yet is that she is having difficulties in cutting down the potential tracks of her album. There are different varieties of songs and she loves them all and so it is a bit tough to include them all in the same album.

However, Rihanna’s eighth album will not be called “R8” and she has two new names for the album in her mind. However, she did not share those names in the interview.

Rihanna was more reserved in her approach when asked about Taylor Swift who is usually surrounded by her celebrity buddies at her “1989” tour. In an answer to the question that whether she would be appearing on stage at one of Taylor’s “1989” tours, Rihanna confided that she did not think it will make sense for her to do so as she did not think that both of them have the same type of audiences within the chart-topping spectrum of pop music.


An extremely tight schedule of Kanye West could be another reason for the day of Rihanna’s new album release. Kanye, who is an executive producer for the project wanted to be a part of the production of her album, Rihanna shared with NME.

Rihanna also said that they have to wait for getting back to the studio together as their schedules are entirely opposite to each other at the moment.

However, Rihanna was optimistic that the two would be able to take out time for each other by this month.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Rihanna