Robbert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Both Attending Venice International Film Festival; Awkward Reunion May Happen

By Mardielyn | 1 year ago
Robbert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Both Attending Venice International Film Festival; Awkward Reunion May Happen
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Twilight” cast members Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are both attending the Venice International Film Festival. A possible awkward reunion may happen! Read on.


Fans are wondering, will there be an awkward reunion set to happen between the “Twilight” stars in the upcoming film festival. It was reported that hey are both set to attend the said event to promote their films. If this will happen, meaning the two might see each other for the first time after so many hiatuses involving them and FKA Twigs.

HollywoodLife recently reported that both Stewart and Pattinson will be at the upcoming festival to promote their respective movies which are set to compete in the festival. However, the site also added that the films are in completely different categories, so fans should not worry—they won’t be competing with each other. But, fans should not get their hopes up that fast. The fact that the festival will run for ten days, there is a possibility that they won’t even see each other at all.

The 25-year-old actress will be attending the festival to promote her upcoming movie, “Equals.” The film was directed by Drake Doremus. It is set to compete in 72 categories.

Meanwhile, Pattinson on the other hand, will be promoting his new movie “Childhood Of A Leader.” The film was directed by Brady Corbet and it will be included in the Orrizonti category.

But, if ever they will be attending at the same day, it might turn out to be quite normal. Although the ex-couple haven’t been seen together in a long time, everything seems okay for the both of them even though rumors about them and Twigs are still circulating around the internet.

However, there are news that the fact that Stewart chooses to attend the second week of Coachella and skipping out on the Met Gala makes it appear to others that she’s just trying to avoid contact with the now engaged couple. But, a source of HollywoodLife stated that the latter hasn’t been intentionally avoiding her ex. In fact, source even added that Stewart would have attended the event if she didn’t already have a commitment.

Now, fans are waiting if Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will really meet in the Venice International Film Festival or not.

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Photo Source: Facebook| Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson


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