Robbie Williams: ‘Demons Are Quieter Now;’ Bout with Addiction Now a Thing of the Past

By Eva Artosilla | 2 months ago
Robbie Williams: ‘Demons Are Quieter Now;’ Bout with Addiction Now a Thing of the Past
Robbie Williams

Another celebrity who has a bout with depression is Robbie Williams. In an interview with Radio Times, he revealed that he was able to subdue his demons with the use of anti-depressants.


Williams was on the verge of snapping from sober to insane. Last summer, he revealed that, “I had a really weird summer. Just couldn’t connect with anybody, apart from my wife.” He added, “I didn’t know how to talk to anybody, even people who are with me every day. I was isolated, in my head.”

He was able to put his addiction behind him with the use of the anti-depressant called Brintellix. By taking it,” he made the demons quieter.”

Huffington Post reported that the Love My Life singer has been open about his addiction to the public. There was a time he revealed that he thought everything would end including his life.

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After Every Storm Is The Calm

His realization about his addiction was that for every darkness or problem, there is always a way out. There is just a need to shift the mind’s focus on the people who care and supports. Robbie Williams has Ayda Field beside him during his trying times.

He was grateful for the support system of his friends and family who he was able to bounce back at life. His album, The Heavy Entertainment Show, was released earlier this month and it has landed on top of the chart.

After that difficult bout with addiction, Robbie Williams has now returned to the limelight with his music. He and his wife are now in a state of happiness and love after the stormy days.

Meanwhile, the That Take singer who is close to Adele with his wife is one in encouraging Adele to have another child. The mother-of-one who is a sole child wants a sibling for her son. Now Robbie Williams has become an inspiration.

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