Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda Remembers Her Dad, Pens Beautiful Message about Hope and Happiness

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda Remembers Her Dad, Pens Beautiful Message about Hope and Happiness

Zelda Williams, daughter of late Robin Williams shared an emotional message after her celebrity father passed away a little over a year. Read on for more details.

The 26-year-old celebrity daughter has been spreading a motivational message about happiness and hope a little over a year after the tragic suicide of her father Robin Williams.


According to a report published by NY Daily News, Zelda was at her candid best as she discussed the ways of handling one’s grief in an Instagram post on last Saturday. It was reported that her post touched several people after she spent that night amidst her dear ones laughing and enjoying underneath the beautiful moonlight.

She said being happy does not mean avoiding emotions like anger, fear or sadness.  Zelda also posted an amazing picture of the moon while it illuminated a lake. She said that she has learnt to live with her sadness now though  has stopped resenting it anymore.

Zelda’s father had been struggling with bouts of depression for several years before he took his life last August. The much-beloved comedian had been also trying to cope up with the initial stages of Parkinson’s disease before he took his life.

It has been now more than a year that Zelda lost her father due to his untimely death and the daughter wanted to encourage and infuse hope in many others who have been going through a loss similar to her.

According to E! Online, since the death of Robin Williams, Zelda, as well as her brothers, have been trying to cope up with their loss in their own individual ways. All his children have been contributing towards the charity work started by Robin with St. Jude and “Challenged Athletes Foundation.” Zelda had earlier got a tattoo of a hummingbird in memory of her famous dad.

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Photo source:  Facebook/Zelda Williams