Has Romance Reignited Between Selena Gomez-Taylor Lautner?

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Has Romance Reignited Between Selena Gomez-Taylor Lautner?

Rumors of ex-flames Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner have been doing the rounds ever since they were spied coming out of the same restaurant in Hollywood, though separately on September 4.

HollywoodLife.com has recently revealed what is the latest between this pair. Selena Gomez, 23 is known to have an interesting love life with greater twists than even a roller coaster. Something must be cooking between Selena and her ex Taylor Lautner, who is also 23 years old. Are they dating each other once again?


The pair was spotted at a restaurant called “The Nice Guy” on September 4. HollywoodLife.com has did a detailed story of what might be possibly going on between the two.

A source told exclusively to the magazine that Gomez actually enjoyed a night out with her friends from her church. She was definitely not with Taylor though the latter had been in the same restaurant at the same time and they did say hello to each other. However, she was more focused on her companions.

She had a few drinks and some appetizers and did not go wild. Gomez loves getting dressed up whenever she goes out and feels more grown up now than before.

Gomez looked good and has been spotted in several gorgeous and sexy outfits that have a drooling effect on the guys around her. However, another source reported that Selena does not wish to go around with Taylor again. She is look for somebody with a greater edge.

Gomez  agrees that Taylor Lautner is hot and is a sweetheart but she does not want to date the latter once more. However, the ex-flames do have a group of mutual friends and so they have drinks and hang out together, but that is all on a friendly level.

It is obvious that Selena Gomez is now quite comfortable in her skin and are we all not happy for her? Let us hope and pray that there is just that perfect guy for her somewhere around.

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Photo source:  Facebook/Selena & Taylor