Ron Howard-Tom Hanks Inferno Makes A Blockbuster International Debut Crossing $50 Million

By Manjira Basu | 3 months ago
Ron Howard-Tom Hanks Inferno Makes A Blockbuster International Debut Crossing $50 Million
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Inferno has been through quite a few controversies since its inception. But last weekend proved that the film was worth all the effort. The Ron Howard directed Tom Hanks-starrer film debuted to a huge audience across Europe, Asia, and South America. And the response was explosive.


The Sony Pictures produced film had its world premiere in Florence, Italy, where it collected a whopping $5 million. Russia, United Kingdom, and South East Asia gathered similar figures and soon the film shot to the top of the new arrivals charts. The debut day ended with a turnover over $50 million internationally, noted The Guardian.

The film, of course, bases its story on that of the book of the same name. By virtue of the controversial topic Dan Brown chases in the book, Inferno had gained a lot of interest from the start. Robert Langdon has always been a fan favorite, as has been the character player Tom Hanks. But even with the two factors, the film was at risk of acceptance, as Dan Brown’s unconventional novels usually are.

Professor Robert Langdon’s unusual memory loss kickstarts the thriller with Dr Sienna Brooks’ mind-boggling secret on the tow. As Robert and Sienna hunt and attempt to prevent a deadly virus by following Dante’s trail, a new map of the future awakens. A result of scientist Bertrand Zobrist’s nihilistic yet ingenious approach to control the world population, Inferno strikes a strong moral chord.

And yet the film managed to connect to a record number of audiences, which is an achievement on its own. Felicity Jones and Irrfan Khan did their commendable part while Tom Hanks, as usual, did not fail to impress. But the film has been deemed as complex and thought-provoking as well. So viewers need to have patience ready at hand if they wish to enjoy the film.

Inferno marks Sony’s first blockbuster hit this year and opens in domestic theaters on October 28. The film is definitely one to watch out for!

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