Ronda Rousey And Holly Holm Will Have A Rematch Soon; UFC President Dana White Confirms

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 11 months ago
Ronda Rousey And Holly Holm Will Have A Rematch Soon; UFC President Dana White Confirms

Who could forget the biggest upset in UFC women’s match with the shocking knockout defeat by then former champion Ronda Rousey? Odds are definitely against her challenger that time, Holly Holm. But as how the sequence of events turn out, everyone has witnessed the downfall of the undefeated fighter. Since then, there have been clamors for a rematch. Is it going to happen soon?

In a report from ESPN, UFC President Dana White confirms they are in support of the second duel between these fighters. “I think that if we didn’t make the rematch, me and [UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta] should probably lose our promoter’s license. That’s the fight that’s going to happen. That’s the fight.”, he said.


He acknowledged that Rousey is indeed in the prime of her career and in top shape for any battle. He stressed out, “Ronda Rousey has gone undefeated; she’s taken the sport to another level and beaten the best women in the world in 14 seconds, 30 seconds. She deserves a rematch. Holly agrees she deserves a rematch. We’ll figure it out.”


Talking about their last match, even White is uncertain as to the reason why the former champion was defeated that way. He explained all possible scenario and even recognizes that Holm is truly a consistent fighter.

“I don’t know what the answer is, why she lost — this woman who was so dominant — other than the fact Holly Holm is for real. She’s very, very good. Ronda had been a workhorse before that. Maybe everything caught up with her. Maybe she was exhausted. Or maybe Holly Holm was that good.” , he explained.

MMA Fighting reported that the UFC heads haven’t yet gave any details about the rematch or a timeline of what fans can expect because of Rousey’s toxis schedule beyond outside the octagon and logistics of the battle.

Will Ronda Rousey get back against Holly Holm in the rematch?

Photo Source: Ronda Rousey/Facebook