Samuel L. Jackson Thinks That Friend Quentin Tarantino Is Annoying on the Set

By Meghna Subhedhar | 1 year ago
Samuel L. Jackson Thinks That Friend Quentin Tarantino Is Annoying on the Set
The hateful 8
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Quentin Tarantino likes to keep his actors on his toes, if his pal Samuel L Jackson is to be believed. The director is like an encyclopedia of movie scene references and expects his actors to be as knowledgeable about the medium as him. Read on for more details.


Jackson made a joke about close friend and colleague, which will clue in the fans about the way Tarantino thinks about his movies. Tarantino is a man who has watched and analyzed many, many, movies and his head is full of obscure scenes from old classics. So when he directs a scene, he visualizes the scene in terms of all the scenes that are catalogued in his head. He may begin a scene with a reference from a scene from the old western classic, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” and then he might move into the comedic twist of the “Roadrunner” cartoons. With such diversified referencing, only an actor like Samuel L Jackson, who is just as much of a movie scholar, can completely understand him and deliver as an actor.

According to Jackson, Tarantino not only makes his explanation of a scene hard to read, he also distracts his actors while they are doing the scene with giggling and laughter. According to Jackson, this habit of laughing when the scene is being shot, although generally annoying, tell him that his friend has a robust sense of humor.

Jackson is going to portray a former Union soldier in Tarantino’s next movie, “The Hateful Eight.” Jackson’s character, Major Marquis Warren, is stranded with seven other mercenaries in an outpost during a violent storm.

Jackson had recently talked about Tarantino’s sense of humor in an interview with Vulture Magazine. They have worked on several movies together and have a strong bond of friendship between them.

Cinema Blend reported the news first.

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