Scandalous Sex Tape Of Jennifer Lopez To Be Released! Warned By Estranged Husband Ojani Noa

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 1 year ago

Jennifer Lopez is depicted as a strong woman because of the three divorces she went through. However, she faces another challenge related to this fallout. Ojani Noa warned he is considering releasing their honeymoon tape.

According to RadarOnline, in the ongoing six years of the litigation, the former husband of Jennifer Lopez is about to make public the sexual content and even mentioned the legal loophole. He claimed this is part of his business move. Lopez did everything in the past years to make their honeymoon tapes a secret. However, Noa can now release the hours of steamy scenes because the former American idol judge retracted her claims versus him and his business partner, Ed Meyer. This happened last July while the case is still in the arbitration.


The same article cited Noa’s interview with In Touch. The original copy of the sex tape is contained in the depository as ruled by a court order. Nevertheless, he has his own copies and wants to give it to the public through DVD formats. He said, “There is revealing video of her with a lack of clothing and in sexual situations, especially in the hotel footage from the honeymoon.”


In addition, it will also expose the unpleasant side of the “Let’s Get Loud” singer such as the confrontation between her and her mother regarding her inclination to gambling and spanking an unknown person while in bed. If these are all true, then these contents will blow the mind of her supporters.

In the article by MusicNews, Lopez strongly shared her insight to The Telegraph publication about the previous failed relationships she had. She learned that she must love herself first but being one of the women, she feels like they aren’t doing it often. Women tend to love others more than themselves, she reiterated.

How will this issue affect Jennifer Lopez? Will she do bold actions to counter his moves?

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Photo Source: Jennifer Lopez/Facebook