‘Scream Queens’ Cast And Plot: Haunting Trailer Released, Ariana Grande Slaughtered?

By Ila Samant | 1 year ago
‘Scream Queens’ Cast And Plot: Haunting Trailer Released, Ariana Grande Slaughtered?

The upcoming horror-comedy anthology television series, about to kick start in September 22, 2015 has been creating a lot of spark. The recent “Scream Queens” trailer posted online revealed the American singer/actress Ariana Grande, 22 will suffer a tragic death. Spoiler alert! Read on to get the complete scoop.

Fox’s upcoming thriller series “Scream Scream” will be revolving around a series of murder involving the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority.


I B Times reported that a recent leaked trailer of the brand new television series showed Ariana Grande’s tragic fate in the form of a gruesome death. Sad news for all the Ariana fans – apparently her stay at the  Kappa House of Wallace University is going to be short-lived.

According to the plot synopsis, the college campus is left haunted by a series of murders, the reason behind which remains blurred. It will gradually unfold that an incident which took place 20 years ago might be responsible for unleashing the terror of the present day.

The leaked trailer of Ryan Murphy’s terror series posted on YouTube displayed our “Victorious” girl being brutally stabbed in the neck by a murderer concealed behind a devil’s costume. She attempts to rescue herself, but receives a hard blow in the head this time.

Jezebel reported that the trailer video has been removed by Fox, and they even sent forth a request to the sites for its removal. Such a response from the franchise makes the authenticity of the trailer questionable. Was it forged? Or Fox doesn’t want to let the audience know anything before the actual broadcast? The mystery is yet to unfold.

This series has an ensemble cast including Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts and Lea Michele. Director Ryan Murphy spilled out that only 25 out of the huge star cast would be seen to survive by the end of the season.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ScreamQueenFOX