Selena Gomez’ Feeling “Insecure” Tweet Was NOT Related To Justin Bieber

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Selena Gomez’ Feeling “Insecure” Tweet Was NOT Related To Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez tweeted that her tweet on feeling insecure of her speaking voice was not a message for her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber although there was an absurd report that claimed otherwise. Read on for more details.

In an exclusive coverage, Gossip Cop has reported that it was an untrue claim altogether. Over the last weekend, Gomez had tweeted a few lines from the interview given by her to Entertainment Weekly last week where she had spoken on subjects like the singers she listened to from her childhood days, her next album titled “Revival” and her past insecurity with her speaking voice.


However, nothing said in that interview had anything to do with her ex-flame Justin Bieber.

Gomez had tweeted on Sept. 4, 2015, about her insecurities mentioning that she was insecure of her speaking voice as it was very low. Moreover, she thought that her voice was not at all feminine-sounding. However, she added that she did not know her voice would be such a great asset for her career now. She said it has a cool and personal quality about it which is exciting for her.

Though Hollywood Life  had hinted that Gomez’ earlier message on Twitter about her insecurities could be related to a possible message for her ex-boyfriend, she was quick enough to deny such innuendos.

It is indeed difficult to believe that someone as talented and gorgeous as the 23-year-old actress and singer had also suffered from insecurities in her past.

The singer was modest enough to admit in one of her recent Twitter messages that though she had to struggle a lot due to her low self-esteem in the past, she has a new sense of self-worth now.

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Photo source:  Facebook/Selena Gomez