‘Seven Year Switch’ Cancelled? A&E Reality Series Gets Petition from Moms to Stop the Program

By Marie delos Santos | 1 year ago
‘Seven Year Switch’ Cancelled? A&E Reality Series Gets Petition from Moms to Stop the Program

A&E recently launched a new reality series called the “Seven Year Switch.” While this new show has been hailed as the new “Married at First Sight,” an ongoing petition to stop the program from airing on the network has been raised by an organization called “One Million Moms.” Will A&E/FYI cancel the program? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

“Seven Year Switch” recently premiered on FYI, a company owned by A&E. The new reality series is allegedly attempting to save marriages from falling apart by switching with other couples’ partners.


FYI noted that the program’s name has something to do with the fact that most couples go through the so-called “seven year itch,” wherein partners often feel “restless and dissatisfied” with their marriages, Deadline cited.

“Seven Year Switch” will introduce four couples who have been together and are currently facing “crossroads in their relationship.” The couples will be then partnered with other strangers in what they call an “experimental marriage,” wherein these strangers will eat, live and even sleep together.

While the new FYI reality series has been generating interest among viewers, “Seven Year Switch” has also caught the attention of an organization called “One Million Moms.”

One Million Moms.com aims to stop the new reality series from airing on TV, citing that the show is immoral and “belittles and makes a mockery of marriage.”

The petition calls on other moms, viewers, and even advertisers to contact FYI to stop this show from airing on TV. The site also threatens to withdraw any support from the network by avoiding any show on FYI or A&E until the network decides to drop the program from their list.

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Photo Source: FYI/Seven Year Switch