Sherlock Season 4: How Will the Benedict Cumberbatch Starrer Series End?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 months ago
Sherlock Season 4: How Will the Benedict Cumberbatch Starrer Series End?

Sherlock season 4 will be returning next year and lead cast Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman will be reprising their roles. With the promo itself revealing some exciting events from the upcoming season, the question is how will the season end?


Will the season end on a high note or will the season see a traumatic end? Sherlock himself was seen worried in the promo, which means he will be up against someone more powerful this time.

With mystery about Moriarty being alive still under discussion, here are some ways with which Sherlock season 4 could come to an end.

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Major Death

It was teased some time back that theme on the new season will be dark. If it is dark theme that the makers are going for then killing one character off is the way to go.

With Benedict’s Sherlock and Martin’s Watson too important of a character to be killed off, probably Watson’s wife Mary will meet her end in the season.


Image source: Facebook/Sherlock


Twists are an important part of a show like Sherlock. What the makers did with Sherlock’s apparent death was just one example of it.

Real twist would be if someone really close to Sherlock turns out to be someone else completely. For instance what if it is revealed that Sherlock’s older brother Mycroft is someone else completely?


A twist could lead to a major betrayal on the series. Someone really close to Sherlock could be revealed as his biggest enemy yet.

While many might expect Toby Jones’ character or Moriarty to do the betrayal, it would be more interesting to see if someone like Mycroft were to be revealed as Sherlock’s greatest foe.

Post Credits Scene

Post credits scene is majorly a thing that superhero movies do. But if there were to be a post credits scene in Sherlock, it would raise some possibilities for the future.

The scene could have anyone including Sherlock, Moriarty or even Mycroft. Where would the show go from then would depend on the makers.

Cinema Blend reported that a new image shows Martin Freeman’s John Watson holding a baby. Benedict’s Sherlock can also be seen in the picture looking at the baby while making a hilarious face.

Sherlock season 4 will air on Jan. 1, 2017.

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