The Sims 4: City Living Updates: Game Gearing Up for Celebrity Edition; News and Dates Revealed!

By Nirdeshini Bagde | 2 months ago
The Sims 4: City Living Updates: Game Gearing Up for Celebrity Edition; News and Dates Revealed!
The Sims City 4 City Living

The Sims City 4: City Living, the highly popular franchise game, has some good news for its fans. It is now pretty evident that the game will soon be available with DLC or Downloadable Content. It is also evident that fans will be able to enjoy new game plays and added features with the DLC. To excite fans even more, rumors about The Sims 5 are making rounds.


The Sims City 4: City Living Updates

The Sims needs no introductions to the world of gaming. Electronic Arts published this highly successful franchise and EA Maxis developed this daily life simulation game. It is one of the best selling series in the history of video gaming and has sold over 175 million copies worldwide. With the incredible success of the fourth installment, it is no surprise that fans are already expecting the fifth one.

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The Sims City 4: City Living
The Sims City 4: City Living Gets You to Realistic City Experience

The Sims City 4: City Living Plans Of Celebrity Edition

Gamers do absolutely agree that the fourth installment gets you as close to city life experience as it is virtually possible. Now apart from paying the rent to fighting roach infections and adjusting to power outages, every bit of the game is designed to give you an up-close feel of city living. Set up in the city of San Myshuno, The Sim City 4 presents all the challenges with close to reality experience for players.

To add to the list of phenomenal experiences according to Vine Report, a celebrity edition is on the cards. Speculations are rife that EA will release a celebrity edition by next year. It is not certain about the celebrities being based on real life characters or virtual ones. Rumors are that it would be released as DLC.

In more speculations among fans, The Sims City 5 is possible to emerge soon. EA or Maxis have not officially confirmed about the possible fifth installment. Speculators do believe that it is quite possible with the fourth edition reaching its sales targets eventually by next year. Many of the fans believe that The Sims City 5 would be made available by 2019.

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