Sir Tom Jones Wants To Check His Black Ancestry; Intends to Have A DNA Test

By Pala Sen | 12 months ago
Sir Tom Jones Wants To Check His Black Ancestry; Intends to Have A DNA Test

Throughout his long and illustrious singing career, his black, thick and curly hair, as well as his voice led many to believe that Tom Jones is black. Here is what the singer himself has to say about this.

Many black people have told Jones several times that he has been simply passing off as a white man. The singer also revealed that that when he was born, people in the hospital asked her mom whether she had any “black blood” in her.


Jones added that his mom had several large dark patches in her body that made the hospital staffs ask such a question. Her mother, however had no idea about it, whatsoever.

Sir Tom Jones has also shared that he has plans of going through a DNA test to check out whether he really has black ancestry or not.

The singer, 75, said that he was mistaken as black, quite often due to the texture and color of hair, and his trademark baritone voice.

When he first arrived in the United States, many people who heard him singing on the radio were astonished when they found out that he was white.

The singer was born in a traditional family at Pontypridd in South Wales. His father worked in a  coal mine and was not very well off. Freda, Tom’s mother was of English and Welsh ancestry, while his father was of English origin.

Though his hair is white now, it was curly, black and thick in his younger days.

The singer has had an extremely successful musical career and has set an example for many, as he rose from being the son of a penniless miner into a star worth £190 million. His records like “It’s Not Unusual” and “Delilah” had been major hits. Sir Jones has stopped coloring his hair many years ago, but that do not stop people to mistake for being of black origin due to its texture.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons