‘Spider-Woman’ Recap and Review: The Challenges of Being a Pregnant Superheroine

By Kitin Miranda | 11 months ago
‘Spider-Woman’ Recap and Review: The Challenges of Being a Pregnant Superheroine

Both old and new fans are currently getting interesting treats from MARVEL comics as the company has been launching their post-“Secret Wars” line-up, which picks up eight months after the events of the ongoing “Secret Wars” event, and shows where characters such as Captain Marvel, Iron Man and the like ended up. However, among all of the superheroes and heroines that the MARVEL Universe has, no one has gotten as changed as Jessica Drew, or Spider-Woman, as, she currently is, as was being teased in various interviews and prequels, very much pregnant, and as seen in the first issue of the “All New, All Different MARVEL” “Spider-Woman” book, Jessica has had to adjust to her new and life-changing role, by doing something that not most superheroines do- going on a maternity leave. WARNING: This article will contain spoilers for the first issue in the “All New, All Different MARVEL” “Spider-Woman” book. Read on to learn more about how Jessica Drew has been handling her new lot in life.

In previous months, MARVEL has been teasing that everyone’s favorite characters will definitely be finding themselves in various new situations after the events of the “Secret Wars” event in a brand new line up. It picks up eight months after “Secret Wars”, and which they dubbed as their “All New, All Different MARVEL” line up.


Among the returning and new characters that MARVEL has lined up for the post-“Secret Wars” books, Jessica Drew or Spider-Woman, is one of the characters who underwent a drastic change, as she is currently pregnant.


The first issue of the “All New, All Different” “Spider-Woman” shows how Jessica, with the support of her teammates- Porcupine and Ben Urich, and best friend Carol Danvers, learned how to slowly let go of coffee, super heroics and her motorcycle, to ensure the safety and health of her unborn child.

This, of course, culminated in Jessica throwing a maternity leave party, in which she threw a plate of food at Tony Stark’s head after he asked who the father was, and taking a month long maternity leave.

At first, she thought that she could handle it, but after thirteen days of absolutely doing nothing, Jessica decided to accept Carol’s offer to have herself checked at the Intergalactic Clinic that was housed by Alpha Flight, as she had a standing open appointment there.

However, it seems that even pregnant superheroines can never take a break from being a superheroine for long, as two aliens with blasters unceremoniously barged in while Jessica was waiting for her turn for a check-up.


Even though fans and readers still don’t know who the father is, fans of Jessica Drew can rest assured that the new mother has been trying her best to keep her child out of danger, even though it might be partly thanks to those care packages that Carol sends her every week.

However, the first issue alone manages to bring across the ongoing theme for Jessica as the series goes along.


According to MARVEL Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso’s interview with Comic Book Resources, “Spider-Woman” is a story about how an adventurous and free-spirited superhero has to reevaluate his or her choices when it comes to his or her life, especially when they have to take care of a child.

Both Comic Book Resources’ and IGN’s  reviews of the first issue praised the effort and the work done to make the book possible. It managed to retain Jessica’s attitude, albeit adjusted to her current situation, while making it accessible to readers who aren’t that familiar with the character.

They also noted the wonderful art done for the maternity leave party and especially for the final few pages of the book, where Jessica was waiting at the Alpha Flight clinic, as artist and colorist Javier Rodriguez managed to leave “an impression,” according to IGN, with his vibrant colors and outlandish aliens.

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Photo Source:Official MARVEL Website/Jessica Drew