Star Wars Episode 8: Daisy Ridley’s Rey Most Important Character – Here’s Why

By Janine | 2 months ago
Star Wars Episode 8: Daisy Ridley’s Rey Most Important Character – Here’s Why
Star Wars Episode 8: Daisy Ridley’s Rey, Most Important Character – Here’s Why

Obviously, Star Wars Episode 8 is focusing on Rey to deliver the final sequels of the saga. But not many truly understand why. Most likely, it is because of her origins and her connection to the force.


It is essential to understand why Star Wars Episode 8 is using Daisy Ridley’s character as the vessel of the whole story. It’s barely a year after Star Wars Episode 7 and over a decade after the last Star Wars prequel.

How Important Is Rey?

Her significance in Star Wars Episode 8 stems from her beginnings in Star Wars Episode 7 and towards the ending. This, in movie terms, is already an indication that she is the most important character in the movie. Maybe even more important than Luke Skywalker himself.

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Rey’s Origins Revealed In Star Wars Episode 8?

There are several theories surrounding Rey’s origins. One is she could be Luke Skywalker’s daughter. Previous fan theories indicate that she is a daughter of a space pirate. In order to protect her, she leaves her daughter in the desert planet for safety.

There is also another fan theory that may truly explain how important she is. Rey could be royalty and her safety is in similar connection with her being in a desert planet. In an attempt to wipe out all the monarchs, her planet sends her to Jakku.

Another fan points out that “Rey” means King in Spanish. This could just be pure coincidence, but the second theory works out pretty well. She does not have to be a significant character in the prequels.

However, she could be significant enough to carry the weight of a dead planet on her hands. Especially, if the theory holds, a planet that The First Order destroyed.

Luke Skywalker Reveals Her Calling

And if the pressure of having the Force is not enough, Luke Skywalker’s line might just spark more intrigue. A recent leak reveals that Luke Skywalker utters a significant line that might be the jump off point for Star Wars Episode 8.

After all, what would Luke Skywalker say to a stranger who interrupts his exile? But does he know who she is? According to the leak, Luke tells Rey “You contain the spark that will rekindle the fire,” cites Screen Rant.

There are two ways to interpret this. One is that Luke is referring to the Force and she can be a catalyst for change for the rest of the world to fight. Second, is she could just be a pure symbol of action in a world of chaos.

Whatever it means, it is clear that Rey is quite important. Maybe important enough to end the whole saga.

Watch out for Star Wars Episode 8 to hit theaters on Dec. 15, 2017.

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