‘Strictly Come Dancing’ 2015: Ola Jordan Slammed Judges For Dirty Practices To Favor Some Contestants

By Martin Suan | 11 months ago
‘Strictly Come Dancing’ 2015: Ola Jordan Slammed Judges For Dirty Practices To Favor Some Contestants

“Strictly Come Dancing” 2015 professional dancer Ola Jordan has revealed that judges allegedly rig the results in the competition to favor some contestants.

Jordan, 33, is a professional dancer who was paired with Olympic medalist Iwan Thomas, 41.


In an interview with The Sun, Jordan dished out some of the judges’ alleged practices, saying they “regularly” rig the results on the leader board to favor some contestants.

“People are over-marked and under-marked,” Jordan said.

Jordan went on to say as a professional dancer she can’t be fooled by the marks and said she knew who has been over-marked and under-marked.

Ola Jordan reportedly believed the judges have knowledge on a pair’s actual votes and that they would try to influence a pair’s place on the leader board in “Strictly Come Dancing” 2015.

Jordan also said her fellow professional dancers noticed it, but could not speak against the dirty practices because of fear that they might lose their jobs.

When a dancer messed up quite badly, Jordan said the judges’ favorites would still receive high scores.

“Now I know that was a bad dance and there’s no way it’s an eight, but the judge says, ‘That’s amazing’ and gives them an eight or nine and we go, ‘What the hell’s going on?’” Ola Jordan said.

Further, Jordan revealed the producers had other ways of influencing the course of the competition, which made her ask why she should spend eight hours to train her celebrity pair when the results in “Strictly Come Dancing” 2015 are cooked already.

However, a spokesperson from BBC dismissed Jordan’s claims, saying they were “nonsense.”


“Each judge scores each dance independently, based on its merits and on their expert opinion,” the spokesperson said.

Last week, BBC banned Jordan for allegedly pissing the bosses of “Strictly Come Dancing” 2015 after learning that she wanted to quit the dance show, Mirror.co.uk reported.

BBC also banned Russian professional dancer Kristina Rihanoff, 38, for appearing in the rival show “The X Factor UK” 2015.

Rihanoff was spotted in the audience, sitting behind Simon Cowell, 56.

When asked if these reports were true, a BBC spokesperson denied them and said the two professional dancers were just not scheduled to perform on weekend.

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Photo source: Facebook|“Strictly Come Dancing” 2015