Suits Season 4 Spoiler: Louis Litt Named Partner After He Discovers Mike Ross’ Secret?

By DV Pre | 2 years ago
Suits Season 4 Spoiler: Louis Litt Named Partner After He Discovers Mike Ross’ Secret?

“Suits” Season 4 has yet to return from its midseason break on Jan. 28, 2014, but the show had received such a huge following that the USA Network series had already been renewed for a fifth season. Read on for further details. 

Master Herald claims that fans of “Suits” are in for some “major surprises.”  The Season 4 midseason finale left viewers hanging when it was revealed that Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) discovered that Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) never attended Harvard. We all know that’s bound to happen sooner or later, but fans were still surprised with the turn of events. Could the great Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) rescue Mike this time around?


Will Louis Litt finally get his wish granted and become a partner? Oh, Mike Ross is going to be in such big trouble when that happens!

On a brighter note, Adam’s fiancée and “Pretty Little Liars” star Troian Bellisario is set to appear on the second half of “Suits” Season 4. According to E! News, Bellisario would reportedly play a character named “Claire” who Mike met when he was still a bike messenger.  

Bellisario shares she had always thought guesting on “Suits” would never happen, even if the idea has crossed her mind a number of times.

"Aaron [Korsh, creator of ‘Suits’] has always kind of joked about how much he wants to have me on the show, and I was always like, 'Well, write me a role, because it's kind of up to you.' For me, it kind of became like a joke, like, 'Yeah, when I do my guest role on ‘Suits’. It was kind of a funny thing where I was like, 'Oh, I guess I'll be the new fax girl, or I'll be like, the pizza delivery boy,'” shares Bellisario to E! News.

Bellisario says her guest appearance on “Suits” had become a running joke that when she got really surprised when she was offered the part.

“Patrick called me, and was like, 'Actually, Aaron wrote this role he really wants you to play,' and I was like, 'Oh really, so it's happening? OK.' So then it happened, and it was working out our crazy schedules and they were really accommodating, so I'm gonna do it!" adds Bellisario.

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