Supernatural Season 12 Episode 2 Spoilers: Mary Dies? Lucifer Looking For Next Meat Suit After Rick Springfield?

By Janine | 2 months ago
Supernatural Season 12 Episode 2 Spoilers: Mary Dies? Lucifer Looking For Next Meat Suit After Rick Springfield?
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This coming Supernatural Season 12 episode 2 features a horrible fate for the Winchester brothers. Sam is still stuck in Lady Toni’s grasp as she continues to interrogate him. And interrogating him means torturing him.


But while Sam is stuck with the Men of Letters, Crowley gets a tip that Lucifer is in a rock star’s body. Previously, reports of Rick Springfield taking a role in Supernatural Season 12 was something to look forward to. It is already a known fact that Lucifer is going to take over his body.

His want and need to be in a body quickly is important for him to survive. So he takes the body of Vince Vicente. And to make it more interesting, Rowena and her son Crowley combine powers to take down Lucifer, cites Melty. But it is not clear if Rowena is doing this out of the goodness of her heart. She is most likely doing it for some ulterior motive.

Now, Lucifer is a rock star. He loves the music and the attention that he is getting. And it looks like he is loving the fact that he is a rock star. Or rather, in the body of a rock star. But he can’t stay in the body of a mortal for too long. Which begs the question, which meat suit is he going to jump off to next? Is it going to be someone bigger than a rock star like Rick Springfield? What about inside a politician’s body or a wrestler? The possibilities are endless!

But Rowena and Crowley are not the only ones hunting down Lucifer. To make up for his past sins, Castiel is coming after him. First for revenge and second to make up for his bad choices in the previous season. By that, he means letting Lucifer take his body which in turn allows him to escape the cage. Soon, Castiel and Crowley are going to team up, too.

In the meantime, Dean and his mom Mary are out to rescue Sam. And to make sure Mary stays alive, Dean gets over protective. Dean’s fear comes from the possibility of Mary dying. He is afraid to lose his mother. But Mom isn’t about to let anything stand in her way to get her children safe and sound, and together. Do you think the Winchester family reunion is going to be short this season?

Watch out for Supernatural Season 12 Episode 2 on The CW this Thursday at 9:00 PM EDT.

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