Survivor 33 Episode 11 Spoilers: Alliance Rumors, Episode 10 Recap And More!

By Alex | 2 months ago
Survivor 33 Episode 11 Spoilers: Alliance Rumors, Episode 10 Recap And More!
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Survivor 33 Episode 11 will air on Wednesday, November 30, 2016. The double-whammy tribal event last week has put some survivors in danger.


In the latest Millennials vs Gen X spoilers, fans just voted on their top picks. Who will win this season’s Survivor? Find out the predictions below.

Episode 10 Recap

CBS aired a special 2-hour episode last week with Episode 10 Million Dollar Rumble. Adam, Bret, Hannah, Sunday and Zeke dominated the first reward challenge. They got the chance to eat pizza for dinner. Meanwhile, David won the immunity. The first hour ended with Chris’ exit.

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Zeke and Sunday are on a role as their team won the second reward challenge. This time, they will go on a Fiji trip with Bret. Jay, on the other hand, got the immunity.

Jessica is the third person who had an unfortunate fate from drawing rocks. The last tribal council finally put out her torch after she drew a black one from the bag.

Survivor 33 Episode 11 Spoilers

Gold Derby named Ken McNickle as the top dog for the second time. As a result, he got a score of 21/10 odds. Taking the second spot with 9/2 odds is Jay Starrett. Adam Klein, who was the best choice a few weeks ago, is safe in the third rank with 5/1 odds.

It seems like Jessica Lewis elimination did not affect his chances of winning in the eyes of the viewers. However, on the other hand, the former model only got one ally left. He and David Wright remain in the game.

Ken and David might have an upper hand if they include new members. They previously got Hannah Shapiro and Adam Klein before the last council.

Ken, Adam and Jay: A Dream Team in the Making?

The outlet also speculates that a Ken-Adam-Jay team up will definitely dominate the entire group of castaways. Jessica previously gave her legacy advantage to Ken while Adam and Jay are hiding their own immunity idols.

Survivor 33 Millennials vs Gen X airs every Wednesday on CBS.

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