Have Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Been Cheating On Each Other?

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Have Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Been Cheating On Each Other?

Are Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris dating or is it a faux relationship just for the sake of a business deal? Read our next section to have more details.

It has come as a big revelation this week that both Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have been apparently cheating on each other. Taylor and Calvin together form one of the highest earning couples in the music industry and are known as the power couples.


Is that what is motivating them to pretend in front of the media that a relationship is going on between them?

A new report published this week from OK! Magazine said that Taylor is recently getting quite close to one of her male back-up dancers.  Everyone who was there on her tour is almost convinced that she has hooked up with this particular dancer behind Calvin Harris’ back.

On the other hand, when Taylor is away touring around with her rumored boyfriend, Calvin, it seems has been found at a Thai massage parlor in Los Angeles. Looking at these reports, it does not sound like the duo is in love with each other.

So it is a bit surprising for why Taylor and Calvin are going on with their fake relationship?  Just think upon the amount of spotlight, media coverage and earning power Calvin has been receiving since he was first seen with Taylor Swift.

On the other hand, Taylor’s entire singing career has boomed due to her love songs and break-up songs that are a huge rage worldwide, according to Celebrity laundry. If this celebrity singer can catch Calvin Harris cheating on her, a song based on the subject of a cheater will be a massive hit once she gets it released.

This may not be the case had she had been single.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Taylor & Calvin