The 100 Season 4 Release Date, Speculations: Showrunner Teases Who Dies First

By Tanya D. | 2 months ago
The 100 Season 4 Release Date, Speculations: Showrunner Teases Who Dies First
The 100 Season 4

The 100 Season 4 may see Bellamy die first. Series creator Jason Rothenberg teased the people will vote for him to die.


Rothenberg teased some exciting details about the installment at the San Diego Comic-Con. He revealed what is in store for Bellamy after the Season 3 Finale.

Will the Grounders Forgive Bellamy?

The showrunner said that even though Bellamy admitted to his mistakes in the Season 3 Finale, the people are still not convinced. The Grounders still have doubts that he has completely atoned for his past mistakes.

Rothenberg hinted that the other Grounders would not be too forgiving. They would still treat him as someone they can easily dispense. He teased that this scenario could likely happen in The 100 Season 4, given the threat of the nuclear apocalypse.

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The nuclear threat that ALIE predicted would prompt the Grounders to choose who lives and dies. It becomes the survival of the righteous in the installment and there are those who believe that Bellamy does not fall in this category.

Facebook/The 100
Facebook/The 100

Apparently, the people still abhor hatred towards Bellamy for the terrible things he did in Season 3. They believe that he must compensate for his mistakes in the worst way possible. Rothenberg hinted that Bellamy could be the first casualty in The 100 Season 4. It was since the people would choose him to die first.

The series creator told fans not to expect Bellamy’s redemption  in the installment. Bellamy himself believes he does not deserve his fellow Grounder’s acceptance and forgiveness.

“Bellamy doesn’t think he deserves to make it through all of this,” Jason Rothenberg said as quoted by Outer Places.

Naturally, with Bellamy’s fate hanging on the Grounder’s decision, fans should not expect to see him end up with Clarke anytime soon. Rothenberg said that Clarke needs more time to heal after Lexa’s death, before she jumps into another relationship.

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