The Avengers Trailer Now Online

By admin | 5 years ago

Some of the biggest characters have joined up to make an incredible cast. After years of push backs, the movie is finally slated for a May 2012 release.

What can be said about the trailer is that it is action packed, and a person can already tell how the characters will clash in either a good or a bad way. One example is the difference between Captain America and Iron Man. Captain America is getting used to the modern world after being in suspended animation for years. He represents the patriotic, humble, giving American side.


Iron Man is at the forefront being the wealthy, playboy, genius, and egotist all in one. Although, Edward Norton is not reprising his role as Hulk, Ruffalo is making a good fit representing the lean side of Bruce Banner.

Thor has his own vendetta because it’s his brother, Loki, that’s at the helm for evil.

The Avengers Trailer Now Online
The Avengers Trailer Now Online

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