The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Quinn Tries to Help Ivy

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Quinn Tries to Help Ivy
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The Bold and the Beautiful” Season 28 latest episode aired on Friday, June 12, 2015 on CBS. Read on for more details.


“The Bold and the Beautiful” episode kicks off with Quinn trying to calm Ivy down. She advises her to ask Liam to marry her. On the other hand, Ivy thinks it’s not the best way. Quinn thinks that she needs to act like a damsel in distress. It was the same way Steffy’s doing to him right now.

Liam confronts Wyatt about his kiss with Steffy. Wyatt reminds him that things are over between him and Steffy and tells him that he is already with Ivy. Liam warns him and tells him that he never got over Steffy. He warns him that Steffy is not the right person for him. Then, Wyatt leaves.

Ivy visits Liam at home. He mentions Steffy. He tells her that he had a hard time moving on after what happened between him and Steffy. Now that she’s returning to LA, things are slowly returning to him, including his feelings for her. Ivy tells him she’s not surprised and tells him about her deportation issues. She tries to explain to him but fails to give concise details about her papers. Liam thinks they could find a way to stop her from getting deported. He offers to give her a team of lawyers, but Ivy suggests that they get married.

During the meeting, Quinn continues to push Wyatt and Steffy to be together. Wyatt thinks Quinn is crossing the line and asks her to leave. Steffy tells him that they need Quinn during the meeting. Wyatt tells her about his confrontation with Liam. Quinn muses that Liam is about to get married to Ivy. Steffy asks Quinn to leave.

Outside, Quinn asks Carter about Ivy’s immigration issues. He tells her about getting married to an American citizen is the fastest and easiest legal way. Quinn begins to ask if Carter could officiate for Ivy and Liam.

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