The Cannes Film Festival Rejects Women from Red-Carpet for not Wearing High Heels

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
The Cannes Film Festival Rejects Women from Red-Carpet for not Wearing High Heels
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The Cannes Film Festival 2015 is once again in news, but this time around, the news is not about any movie getting a standing ovation or a star getting booed by the audience and the critics but apparently it’s because that The Cannes Film Festival didn’t allow a number of women on the red carpet who chose to avoid wearing high heels.


The Cannes Film Festival, no doubt, is about showing caliber in different genres of movies from around the globe and giving the new genre of cinema a right platform which it deserves. The Cannes Film Festival is also about setting fashion trends and this year, a number of women who were in their 50s were denied access to the screening of “Carol” because they didn’t wear high heels.

According to the Screen magazine, the women who wore rhinestone flats at the time had medical conditions.

“Carol” directed by Todd Hayne tells the story of a lesbian romance starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara and their fight against the society. The film’s subject was in itself very sensual and thought provoking and it just ignited the fire when the women were not allowed to see it because of the selection of their footwear.

However, The Cannes Film Festival has declined to comment on this matter but at the same time Cannes’s director Thierry Frémaux confirmed that it is mandatory for all women to wear high-heels for all the red-carpet screenings.

Apparently this is not for the first time that Cannes Film Festival has done something like that. Asif Kapadia, the director of Amy Winehouse documentary “Amy” tweeted that even his wife was not allowed for the red-carpet screening but eventually they let her in.

We think that a film festival’s first motto should be gathering all the film fanatics to watch different genre of films. even though we agree that there is a dress for every occasion. However, one should not get bound for wearing that if he or she has some medical issues. Tell us what do you think… is wearing high-heels to Cannes that important?

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Photo Source: Facebook/Festival de Cannes – Page Officielle


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