The Eyes Of My Mother: A Beautiful, Nightmarish And Unsettling Movie – Watch Trailer

By Eva Artosilla | 2 months ago
The Eyes Of My Mother: A Beautiful, Nightmarish And Unsettling Movie – Watch Trailer
The Eyes of my Mother
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The Eyes of My Mother unfolds in a countryside setting that is not new in horror movies. But movie director Nicolas Pesce was able to make it different from the rest in the very first scene.


The Eyes of My Mother Storyline

The family of three was peacefully living in the countryside until a door-to-door delivery man (Will Brill) came to their door. He was permitted to use the bathroom of the family but killed the matriarch (Diana Agostini).

The father as expected took revenge, wounded the attacker and kept him in a chain at the barn. Later, he was also killed by Francisca while trying to escape.

Main Characters

Francisca (played by Olivia Boand) lives her life tending daily to the chained man until she became a full-grown woman (Now played by Kika Magalhaes). She was also left by her father (Paul Nazak) who later died but his body was preserved.

Francisca met a student named Kimiko at a bar. When she knew about the death of Francisca’s parents she wanted to escape but was captured. She was later killed and her eyes and vocal chords removed just like the first prisoner.

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The lead character rode with a young mother Lucy (Flora Diaz) and her baby son Antonio. Later, Francisca also killed Lucy and made Antonio as her own. Antonio now a  grown up was able to see the imprisoned Kimiko. She escaped when the young boy opened the barn door and was able to board a truck to go to the police. She hostages her adopted son but she was killed by the police.

Critics’ Review

The IGN review classified it as a beautiful but unsettling movie. The scenes mostly done in silence are horrifying. The cutting of the vocal chords and the plucking of the eyes to be preserved is disturbing. The dead man in the tub is horrifying.

Francisca is a sad persona that made the killing and tormenting others her way of coping with the loss of her mother. She was afraid to be alone; hence, she did not bury her father. However, despite her sadness, she kills the people that can become her friends and companions.

The above source’s conclusion is that the black and white imagery, the music, the dialogue that are so scattered are commendable. It is a beautiful movie but very disturbing.

The Eyes of my Mother passes as a horror movie. Scary movies have stories to tell. In this one, the story did not tell the motivation why she was killing all the living humans that she comes in contact with. Presumably, the death of her mother has something to do with her behavior. The music was appropriate.

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