The Walking Dead Movie Definitely Happening With or Without Norman Reedus

By Janine | 2 months ago
The Walking Dead Movie Definitely Happening With or Without Norman Reedus
The Walking Dead Movie Premiere Release, Spoilers: Reedus and Cast Reprising Roles?
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The Walking Dead movie is going to happen one way or another. According to showrunner Scott Gimple, it is definitely going to happen one day.


But will The Walking Dead movie tie-in to AMC’s The Walking Dead? Not necessarily. Gimple says it is going to stand on its own.

The Walking Dead Season 7 And More

Season 7 of TWD is currently focusing on Negan making Rick and his team’s lives a living hell. Aside from the hit television series, the franchise also has games and paraphernalia. Like most television show franchises, it may look at a movie expansion for further hits.

In a reverse manner, the Marvel Cinematic Universe works on movies after working on successful television and animation series. This explains why showrunner Scott Gimple is considering a movie.

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 Making The Walking Dead Movie Happen

Scott Gimple tells Comic Book that making a movie is a cool idea. He also plans on making the movie that is off of the AMC television literature. Like most movies, it is not going to tie in to the TV series. He also teases that he is going to get known celebrities for the film.

Imagine William Shatner taking on the Role of Rick and Edward James Olmos as Daryl. Most movies often cast different actors for a movie version. But it would be interesting to see the same cast reprising their roles.

But the movie is not going to happen while the TV show is still moving. The TV series already receives the green light for The Walking Dead Season 8. Plus, comic creator Robert Kirkman reveals that the series does not have an ending yet.

Possible The Walking Dead Movie Storyline

There are theories surrounding The Walking Dead movie storyline. One of which focuses on the remaining survivors finding a cure. It will be much like the first season where they go on a quest to the Center for Disease Control.

Another plot imagines the already surviving crew trying to find an island that does not bear the disease. The survivors can start fresh and live in peace.

In the meantime, fans can follow Negan killing everyone off in The Walking Dead Season 7 while the show runners mull about The Walking Dead movie.

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