The Walking Dead Season 8: Norman Reedus To Return, Negan Is Still Alive

By Janine | 2 months ago
The Walking Dead Season 8: Norman Reedus To Return, Negan Is Still Alive
The Walking Dead Season 8 Confirms Daryl Dixon Dies! Reedus Leaves, Negan Returns?

With The Walking Dead Season 8 already getting its green light, many are wondering what the future holds. Because the comic literature itself does not have an ending just yet.


Robert Kirkman reveals that AMC trusts him alot with the course of the comics and The Walking Dead Season 8. This is why fans are going crazy to see if their favorite characters are going to survive until the next season.

More importantly, is Daryl Dixon going to live?

The Walking Dead Season 8 Confirms Norman Reedus’ Return!

It is official! Daryl Dixon is returning to The Walking Dead Season 8. With less than a handful of the original cast members left, many are holding their breaths. But it looks like Daryl Dixon’s life is short-lived.

Many are promising to stop following the show if their fave character Daryl Dixon suffers a painful death. Much like Glenn and Abraham, fans are angry and upset about the loss of these characters.

However, reports confirm that The Walking Dead Season 8 is going to be Daryl’s last. Reports of Norman Reedus signing a one season contract leaves fans curious, cites Blasting News. So, Daryl is not going to die in The Walking Dead Season 7.

He may die in Season 8 instead.

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Negan Not Dead in The Walking Dead Season 7

Unfortunately, that also means some characters are staying, too. Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirms that Negan is coming back in Season 8. His reign of terror still looms.

Negan is considerably one of the most devious and evil antagonists in the whole TWD history. Morgan confirms that he is coming on board Season 8 after wrapping up Season 7.

With Daryl as his prisoner, there is no telling what he is going to do next. But one thing is for sure. Morgan knows Negan is going to bring in some heavy duty drama. Hopefully, that does not involve killing Daryl in The Walking Dead Season 8.

Meanwhile, watch out for The Walking Dead season 7 this Sunday on AMC.

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