Theo James May Leave Shailene Woodley Alone in Divergent: Ascendant TV Show, Actor Focuses on Underworld

By Janine | 2 months ago
Theo James May Leave Shailene Woodley Alone in Divergent: Ascendant TV Show, Actor Focuses on Underworld
Theo James Leaves Shailene Woodley Alone in Divergent: Ascendant TV Show? Actor Focuses on Underworld
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Thomas James looks like he is leaving Divergent for good. Is Ascendant going to happen with actress Shailene Woodley alone?


It seems Four (Thomas James) is going to leave the set of Divergent for good. The Ascendant sequel is reportedly going to be reduced to a television show. Is it because of the James and Shailene Woodley fiasco?

Theo James Focuses on Underworld

James is a hot actor and is on the rise to greatness. Given that he already has a lot of movie under his belt, too. Now, he is focusing on the release of Underworld: Blood Wars.

With the movie getting some hype, James’ fans wonder if he is going to touch on Ascendant at all. According to Chatt Sports, Theo James is diverting his energy to Underworld: Blood Wars and has not made comments on Divergent.


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Shailene Woodley Reason for James Leaving?

Speculations surrounding their unstable relationship is said to be the reason of James leaving the franchise. Theo is allegedly trying to focus on his personal relationships and that excludes Shailene. According to reports, Woodley is attempting to persuade the actor into staying.

Some reports indicate that she is leaving the show, too if he is not coming back.

Divergent: Ascendant TV Show Low Budget?

Because of the low ratings from the recent film, The Divergent Series: Allegiant, Lionsgate is reportedly giving a low budget for Ascendant. With that budget in mind, reports indicate that the show is going to be a TV movie instead of a big screen film.

But some point to the Woodley and Theo James debacle as the reason why. With the series unsure if either of the two are going to show up and reprise their roles, the future is dim. According to Woodley, she is in no position to say anything about Ascendant and its future.

However, the Tris actor adds that she would love to reprise her role. It is unsure if Theo James is actually coming back to The Divergent Series. But for now, he wants to focus on Underworld: Blood Wars.


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