Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Premiere & Spoilers: Anime Features Several Disturbing Gore-Filled Scenes

By Neha Bakshi | 2 months ago
Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Premiere & Spoilers: Anime Features Several Disturbing Gore-Filled Scenes

Tokyo Ghoul, the dark fantasy anime series has been pushed back for some more time for his highly anticipated season 3. The sequel is said to be experiencing delay due to issues with in production team.


It is rumored that the season 3 will be up by March 2017 if everything goes as per schedule.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Delay Reasons

As per the recent reports, due of the content the team is halting production at the moment. Apparently, Tokyo Ghoul is not coming at least by the end of this year. (Via Saiko Plus)

Furthermore, there aren’t enough episodes to run season 3 smoothly. The production team is looking forward to adding sufficient content before releasing it.

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The dark fantasy series has already landed on the top 10 list of Japanese manga series. It also holds highest sales record for its lasts season which was a huge commercial success. Fans continue to speculate that it must go on with season 3 to keep its popularity intact.

The close source mentioned that the team will make sure that the level of animation quality is raised in season 3. In addition to this, another rumor says there will be several disturbing and gore-filled scenes in the sequel.

Season 3 Premiere

Earlier in October this year, some of the tabloids reported cancellation of season 3. However, the manga creator later discarded the rumor. He also has confirmed a season 3 for sure. Sui Ishida originally created the said series.

Despite being a highly popular anime series, the showrunners so far have not announced any official dates for Tokyo Ghoul season 3. However, it is expected to go on air by March 2017.

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