Tom Hanks Feels ‘A Bolt From The Blue’ When Wife Was Diagnosed With Cancer

By Pala Sen | 11 months ago
Tom Hanks Feels ‘A Bolt From The Blue’ When Wife Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Actor Tom Hanks’ world shattered when he got to know that Rita Wilson, his wife had been diagnosed with cancer.

Hanks, 59 is married to his wife Rita since the year 1988. It was in 2014 when she found out that she was ailing from breast cancer.  In the month of April this year, his wife declared that she had to undergo a double reconstructive mastectomy surgery after she was detected with the illness.


It was just two months later that Rita confirmed that she had emerged victorious in her fight with the disease. Although, Tom is still struggling to cope up with what he and his other members of the family had suffered through.

In 2014, the festive season for the Hanks family was quite different from how they spent it compared to previous years, as this was the time when Hank’s wife had received the news of her cancer.

Tom Hanks appreciates that they are fortunate to have a privileged position that definitely helped with the situation. Their festive season would definitely be sweeter this year now that Rita is feeling much better.

Hanks said that both he and his wife are lucky that they could afford the finest health care possible and they appreciated that they were blessed. However, when they went through–the suffering, he really bowed down to see how courageous his wife had been.

The actor is thoughtful about the proceedings, though he reserved his fury over all those folks who he thinks take advantage of the bad health of others. He requested everyone who is ailing from this disease not to get tricked.

Tom Hanks also said that there are people who after finding out that others are suffering from an illness, especially cancer, try to mint money from the latter.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Tom Hanks