‘Transformers 5′ News: Akiva Goldsman Speaks About The New Storyline

By Ila Samant | 1 year ago
‘Transformers 5′ News: Akiva Goldsman Speaks About The New Storyline
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“Transformers” franchise owners have recently roped in some prominent writer of Paramount picture such as Akiva Goldsman of “I Am Legend” in their writers department. This has led many of us wonder as to what is going on in the minds of super popular franchise. Read On!


According to designntrend.com, Goldsman was there to disclose some points during a recent interview and tells as to how his experience was in the writers department. He also told something about the future plan of the makers of “Transformers.”

Goldsman details that the goal of Paramount is to keep the “Transformers” films connected with one another. They also want that every movie should be self-sufficient in itself, meaning it should be able to provide complete satisfaction to fans.

In simple words, movies have to be standalone as well as interconnected with each other. Goldsman is of the view that whether it is a TV series, a comic book or a novel or a series of movies, every episode has its own integrity from the beginning till the end. This is the true essence of serialized storytelling.

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A movie should be able to provide both types of satisfaction. You should be able to provide food for thought both for long term satisfaction and short term satisfaction as well. This is what Paramount is trying to achieve and this is what he is trying to do.

According to screenrant.com, during the interview, Goldsman was also asked if it is possible for Transformers to come up with a movie without any human. He is of the view that it is possible, but this is not the objective for the new movie from the “Transformers” franchise.

It is definitely possible that “Transformers” can live without humans. He believes that it can work the other way around too.


Photo Source: Facebook/Transformers

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