Tyrant Season 2 Premiere Recap: The Mark of Cain

By April Lara | 1 year ago
Tyrant Season 2 Premiere Recap: The Mark of Cain

Tyrant” is back for its second season and lest anyone forget the events in the first season, Barry Al-Fayeed, a pediatrician in the U.S. came back to Abbudin for a family wedding and along with him is his wife and two children who doesn’t know about their father’s family history. Such unfortunate timing when Barry’s dad died and Barry found himself in the middle of things, trying to knock sense into his brother Jamal and then his hunger for power took over him and made him the perfect fit for the show’s title.

“Tyrant” Season 2, Episode 1 “The Mark of Cain” opened a few months after with Barry in prison while Jamal contemplates about a death sentence again his brother who tried to lead a coup against him. Barry’s family is afraid and Jamal’s wife and his advisors urged Barry to act. Jamal feels so betrayed because he thought he could trust his brother and it turns out that power has gotten hold of his head and made his brother turn his back against him.


Jamal is troubled and to make matters worse, he’s also trying to seal a major deal with China, which complicates things even more because his brother is in prison and it is up to him to decide on the death sentence and if he could go through with it and also there are plenty of issues that he needs to deal with because if he doesn’t the fate of his country would suffer and he might just lose everything. So you see here, Jamal is in a very tricky place while Barry is left in prison, contemplating on his next move.

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Photo source: Tyrant Official Facebook Page