Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm Shuns Down Insensitive Comments Against Her Body And Weight

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 11 months ago
Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm Shuns Down Insensitive Comments Against Her Body And Weight

Bridget Malcolm has experienced now both the ups and downs of being in the spotlight as a popular model. She was one of the models in the recently concluded Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show wherein she debuted in the the elite runway event. Her exposure gave her the attention which placed her in the spotlight of compliments and discussion of insensitive online users.

According to People, she was labeled as anorexic by some individuals based on how they judged her appearance. Malcolm is not simply letting it passed by as she has responded against the issue through her Instagram account. Last Tuesday, Nov. 17, she posted a picture of herself wherein she is wearing an athletic attire consisting of leggings and sports bra.


With this photo is included a long caption. She began by pleading to just dropped the body “Can we STOP with the skinny shaming please?”. As she flaunted her body, she proudly claimed, “I am extremely fit and healthy and am not in the slightest way anorexic.”


She insisted that she exerted a lot of effort to get the body that she wants, “I have worked hard to look like this and am proud of my body. I may not be the curviest but I am a woman who has every right to look the way I do.”

Malcolm shares online too her physical activities that help her in staying fit such as boxing and jumping rope. TeenVogue calls  for everyone to be sensitive and kinder about the issue not because she is a model but she is also similar to other girls who can get hurt with the mean comments against her weight.

The Australian native ended her caption with challenging these people, “Maybe today take a look inside yourself and wonder why you feel the need to shame strangers over the Internet about their bodies, Peace and love to you all.”

Thanks to Bridget Malcolm, she has spoken for all the other girls who are in the similar situation like hers.

Photo Source: Bridget Malcolm/Instagram