The Voice Season 8 Recap: Third Blind Auditions Night

By April Lara | 2 years ago
The Voice Season 8 Recap: Third Blind Auditions Night
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The third night of the blind auditions of “The Voice” Season 8 presented a bunch of singers who are all willing to work hard to get to the top. These are the contestants that could grow throughout the season with the right coach’s help. In this episode, the coaches also worked for it tonight. Read on to learn more details.


A young girl with a country voice, 15-year-old Kelsie May sang “You’re Lookin’ At Country” by Loretta Lynn and, of course, she made Coach Blake turned his chair around. In fact, Blake was the very first coach to turn around and he did it pretty early during her song. By the time she hits the chorus, she has made Christina and Pharell’s chairs turned around to face her. In the end, she chose Team Blake.

We had a rockstar, Kimberly Nichole who performs at a NYC club 5 nights a week rocking her custom-made tutus. The 32-year-old rocked out “Nutbush City Limits” and really showed her potential that made Blake and Pharell turn their chairs around. She went for Team Pharell in the end.

Michael Leier (20) has been in a band since he was in high school. It was kind of different for him to perform alone during the blind auditions. Still, he went through with it with Pearl Jam’s “Last Kiss” and had Adam and Blake’s chairs turned around for him. Of course in the end, he went for Team Adam because that’s where his voice is appropriate.

Travis Ewing (23) performed his own version of Destiny’s Child “Say My Name.” She added a touch of jazz and reggae to it. Her performance was so good that Christina, Blake and Pharell turned around for him. In the end, he went for Pharell’s team.

Sonic (34) performed Sam Smith’s “Money on My Mind.” It was actually her whole appearance and the way she carried herself that made her turn Christina and Adam’s chairs. Her voice is great but it’s going to need a significant amount of improvement of maybe she should have chosen a different song to sing. It was because she didn’t nail the song even though she tried hard to mimic Sam Smith’s voice. In the end, she chose to be with Team Christina.

Jacob Rummell (18) made Blake and Pharell really excited with his rendition of “Count on Me.” His voice can be mistaken for a girl’s. It was why Blake was shocked to see that it was actually a guy singing on stage. Surprisingly, as much as I thought he’s going for Pharell’s team because that seems more appropriate considering his voice, he shocked us once again when he chose Blake’s.

India Carney (21) sang “New York State of Mind.” You can really see from the way she looks that there’s a popstar right there in the works. She made all the coaches turn around to face her and ended up going for Christina’s team.

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