The Walking Dead Season 7: Jeffrey Dean Morgan a Joker, Negan Not a Villain

By Tanya D. | 3 months ago
The Walking Dead Season 7: Jeffrey Dean Morgan a Joker, Negan Not a Villain
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead
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Norman Reedus likened his The Walking Dead co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan to The Joker in the way he portrays Negan on-and-off screen. He may be a villain but also fun to be around. However, Jeffrey Dean Morgan does not think Negan is a villain at all.


Morgan reasoned that if fans only knew Negan’s backstory then they would not think of him as the villain in the show. Instead, they would regard him as the hero.

The actor thought that viewers are just blindsided by the “evilness” of Negan that they forget Rick Grimes could also be the antagonist. He said it does not matter who Negan kills, since Rick and his men are more brutal than his character. They brutally killed 30 of Negan’s men and that alone should make Rick the villain.

“I see the other side of the coin. If we followed Negan’s story for the last seven years, he’d be our hero, and someone like Rick, who rips the throat out of people, would be the bad guy,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan told Cinema Blend.

Despite Morgan’s reasoning, his The Walking Dead co-star Norman Reedus still thinks of Negan as the villain in the story. Reedus even praised Morgan’s portrayal of the character and compared him to The Joker.

In a separate interview with EW, Reedus said Jeffrey Dean Morgan really nails Negan. He makes viewers fully invested in his character that they want to kill him. Morgan reportedly brings his all in his portrayal of Negan.

However, it is a different Morgan casts and crew see when cameras are not rolling. Reedus said that off-screen the actor is a joy to have around. This supposedly likens him like The Joker, because one moment he is despicable the next he is fun.

“He’s a cool guy and everything, but in the moment, everyone wants to f***ing kill him, and then we wrap, and we’re all having fun again,” Norman Reedus said.

Will fans eventually know Negan’s storyline and change their opinion on him as the villain? AMC renewed The Walking Dead for Season 8. Who knows by this time, fans may eventually see Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character as the hero in the story.

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