‘Warcraft’ Movie News: CGI Are Going To be Ground-Breaking; Planning for ‘Warcraft’ Sequel Is In Air

By Mradula Mahajan | 1 year ago
‘Warcraft’ Movie News: CGI Are Going To be Ground-Breaking; Planning for ‘Warcraft’ Sequel Is In Air

It’s been a long time since the shooting of “Warcraft” movie has been finished and it’s pretty normal for the fans of the game to ask the producers why are they delaying the release of “Warcraft” movie? Among many reasons, one of the most speculated reason is that the team has used a lot of Computer Generated Images and with heavy CGIs comes heavy post-production. But, if anyone is worrying how the CGI will look like in the film, then there is nothing to worry about because the team which is involved with the CGI of the film is the same one which are involved with “Star Wars.”

“Warcraft” movie is based on one of the most popular game, “World of Warcraft” and whoever has played the game knows the fact that the fantasy game requires  a lot of CGI and it seems that Azeroth will be showcased in some new high-end special effects that will include motion capturing.


The “Vikings” star, Travis Fimmel, who is signed to play Sir Anduin Lothar in the upcoming “Warcraft” movie said that there are a lot of CGI involved and the fans of the fantasy game are surely going to see the live-action adaptation of “World of Warcraft.” The star also added that, the entire experience of motion capturing was pretty ground-breaking.

Duncan Jones, the creator is also planning for “Warcraft” sequels. The first part of the film is going to be about the fight between orcs and human and it will also surround the massive quarrel between the Horde and the Alliance. It seems like Duncan Jones thinks that “Warcraft” can also work like “Lords of The Rings” series by Peter Jackson.

There is no official release date for the film, but at this time we only know the cast of the film. Dominic Cooper will play King Llane Wryn, Ben Foster will play the role of Magus Medivh, and Ben Schnetzer and Ruth Negga will play the role of Khadgar and Lady Taria, respectively.

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Image source: Facebook/Warcraft