Watch Dogs 2: Gaming Community Raves, Best Multi Player Game Ever!

By Angeline Sajini Ramanan | 3 months ago
Watch Dogs 2: Gaming Community Raves, Best Multi Player Game Ever!
Watch Dogs 2
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With Watch Dogs 2 releasing next month, the gaming community is already excited with the previews released by Ubisoft and it is already being ranked as the best Multi player game ever.


Ubisoft has taken user preferences and suggestions seriously and is dishing out one of the best multi player modes. The company has introduced some unique features which give a seamless multiplayer experience. Players can interact with other players through headset or emote with simple gestures. They can team up and complete missions, which will help in gaining followers.

The Inquisitr says that in Watch Dogs 2 there are several multiplayer modes like:

Online Invasions – It is a one-versus-one competitive mode from the earlier version. A player enters the single-player session of another player and installs a virus on their DedSec system. The invading player must install the virus and escape while the defending player must find and kill the invading player.

Bounty Hunter – When a player causes excessive chaos, other players can join hands with the Police enter the player’s game, place a bounty and kill him.

Hacking Invasion – Another favorite from the original, where the goal is to download data from a target player without being detected.

The game also has side quests and mini quests which the player has to complete.

Reviewers from IGN, say that Ubisoft has injected more fun into the original and has given special attention to the multi-player mode. Players can totally wreck San Francisco by blowing up cars and water lines and lure police officers with mischief. Ubisoft has added many of San Francisco’s landmarks, which makes it very familiar. One can also take selfies and share it.

Watch Dogs 2 will release worldwide on Nov. 15, on Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

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