‘Wayward Pines’ Finale Spoilers: Will This Be the End for Ethan, Theresa, Ben, Kate and the Rest of the Residents?

By Marie delos Santos | 1 year ago
‘Wayward Pines’ Finale Spoilers: Will This Be the End for Ethan, Theresa, Ben, Kate and the Rest of the Residents?

“Wayward Pines” is coming to an end in its groundbreaking Season 1 finale on Thursday, July 23 on FOX. With the truth finally coming to light for the rest of the residents of Idaho in the show’s penultimate episode, how will Ethan, Theresa, Ben, Kate and the people survive in their battle against the Abbies?

This contains spoilers for the finale episode of “Wayward Pines.” Read on for more details.


“Wayward Pines” Season 1 episode 10 titled, “Cycle” will bring closure to the Fox limited series. The official synopsis for the upcoming episode from Carter Matt hints that Ethan (Matt Dillon) and Kate (Carla Gugino) will try to do whatever it takes to protect the residents of Idaho from the Abbies.

As seen on the penultimate episode titled “A Reckoning,” Ethan finally let everyone in on the truth about the town of Wayward Pines and that the world they once knew has changed. While Ethan tried to take these matters and issues on his own hands, Dr. Pilcher (Toby Jones) has seemingly lost control and shut off power all over the town, including the fence.

Now, the residents of Wayward Pines are bracing themselves, as Abbies are about to enter the confines of the town. Inquisitr noted that the teaser trailer for the upcoming episode of the series showed Ethan promising Ben (Charlie Tahan) that they will be able to get through this; however, with the show finally coming to a close, what will be the future of Wayward Pines? Will they survive the feat?

It seems like the First Generation of Wayward Pines will also step up and try to save humanity from extinction, as Ben and the others will try to help the residents in fighting off the Abbies.

Nurse Pam will also confront David for doing such a thing to the residents and will try to ask him to stop this from happening. Will David put an end to all of this or will it really mean the extinction of Wayward Pines?

“Wayward Pines” Season 1 finale airs on Thursday, July 23 on Fox.

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