Web Star Connor Hines to Develop Series for ABC

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Web Star Connor Hines to Develop Series for ABC

In this day and age of digital media and television, there are many ways to tell a story. Lately, thanks to crowd funding sites like Kickstarter, aspiring writers, actors and directors do not need to get discovered first on television. Today, many are discovered thanks to web shows. One such person who was recognized is web star Connor Hines, who has just landed a deal with ABC Studios. Read on to learn more about this story.

According to Deadline, Hines got a blind script deal with the network. He was known for his work as the creator, writer and director of the web series “Local Attraction.”  Hines will be starring in the new series. He will also act as What this new series will be about has not been confirmed yet, but Deadline reports that it might be based on his web series.


Hines first grabbed the attention of the public when he started his web series “Local Attraction”. In order to raise funds for his project, he, just like others before him have done, posted it on Kickstarter. Surprisingly, he was highly successful, as he was able to earn $15,000, more than twice his original goal.

The web series, which he wrote, directed and acted in. It follows several couples on their date using the matchmaking Iphone application Tinder. Each episode features a different couple and stars Hines as the guy.  This satirical comedy manages to show the different kinds of peoples one can meet through online dating services, and it shows the awkwardness and embarrassing moments a first date can bring. As of today, there are already four episodes up on YouTube.

According to Arts.Mic, “Local Attraction” was included in the list of  “The 13 Summer Web Series That Are Totally Worth Watching” on the website. It was added alongside Jerry Seinfield’s “Comedians in a Car Getting Coffee,” Steve Buscemi’s “Park Bench,” and Ben Stiller’s “Next Time on Lonny.”

Not only does Hines have a deal with ABC Studios, but he also has a first look deal with Brillstein Entertainment Partners and Gersh, the company who discovered him.

His new project will be executive produced by Brillstein Entertainment Partners’ Robin Schwartz, Brian Stern, Stacy O’Neil and John Liebman.

And that’s all for now for Connor Hines’ new project with ABC. For more news and updates on upcoming television shows, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Check out the link below to get a sample of Connor Hines’ work, in the first episode of his web series “Local Attraction”.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Alex43223