Welcome to Sweden Recap: Parents/Homesick [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 2 years ago
Welcome to Sweden Recap: Parents/Homesick [WATCH VIDEO]
Amy Poehler at the 2012 Time 100 gala with Aubrey Plaza. Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone.
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Welcome to Sweden” Season 1 Episode 6 “Parents!” and Episode 7 “Homesick” aired back-to-back last Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014, on NBC. In the first episode, Bruce’s parents arrived in Sweden for a brief visit. In the second episode, Bruce was asked to return to America for work by his celebrity client, Amy Poehler. Find out what happened in our recap below.


“Parents!” featured guest star Patrick Duffy and Illeana Douglas as Bruce’s father and mother, Wayne and Nancy. The two were on a holiday cruise and made a short stop to Sweden to visit their son Bruce (Greg Poehler). Bruce was all nerves about this short visit because he knew that his parents were thinking that his move to Sweden was a big mistake. As he prepared to leave the house to pick up his parents, Emma (Josephine Bornebusch) announced that she could be pregnant, and Bruce’s reaction was the weirdest.

Bruce: “If this is happening, then we’ll get through it together.”
Emma: “I don’t have cancer. I might be pregnant.”

Wayne and Nancy are such typical Americans in a foreign country. Wayne did nothing but complain and whine about the cruise and the people in the places they’ve been to. He was also very curious about the way European men dress and kept asking if the men they see on the street are gay. (They’re not. They’re just European.) Nancy, on the other hand, wanted the whole tourist experience. Can Bruce take her to a place where there are actual Vikings in skirts and helmets?

They arrived at the Wiik’s summer house, and Wayne got a hug from American-loving and all-naked Uncle Bengt (Per Svensson), who remarked that it’s so uncanny Bruce’s dad is named Wayne, so together they make “Bruce Wayne” for Batman. Just to be polite, Wayne said that Uncle Bengt should visit them in America, and this got him so eager about the offer. When should he visit?

Nancy, meanwhile, was fascinated to find that Emma’s mom isn’t blonde like every Swede. Viveka (Lena Olin) brought her to her secret happy place. It was filled with mushrooms. You know, for getting high.

Meanwhile, Wayne and Birger (Claes Månsson) walked around the property. Wayne was impressed about how Birger owned so much land, but Birger explained that they were actually already on a neighbor’s property. It’s a basic Swedish right.

Birger: “Everyone has a right to be on anyone else’s land.”
Wayne: “But how do you know who you’re supposed to shoot?”

At lunch, as the family was so eager to eat, Wayne dampened the mood by exhibiting his mid-Western ways and criticized Viveka for not praying properly before meals. When Viveka replied that she doesn’t believe in religion and God and many of them in Sweden are not even married in a church, this astounded Wayne and he insulted everyone at the table, including Bruce and Emma’s yet to be revealed unborn child. Nancy, meanwhile, was high from the mushrooms to be bothered about her husband’s behavior.

Later, Emma wondered if Bruce agreed with his father about marriage. If they were having any kids, is getting marriage that too important? Of course, Bruce is the complete opposite of his dad.

Bruce had time alone with his father, while Emma and Nancy had coffee together. He told his dad that he’s happy in Stockholm, regardless of what he thought. Wayne said that he respected that Bruce was upfront about this, even if he doesn’t respect his decision.

Later, Emma found out that she wasn’t pregnant after all. But this upset her even more because all it meant was she was just getting fat.

The following episode, “Homesick,” opened with a frantic Amy Poehler calling Bruce and asking him to come back to America because it looked like the IRS was after her. But Bruce said that he’s got so much work to do in Sweden now as a money manager for Swedish celebrities. It was a lie, of course, and this surprised Amy because, well, there are no Swedish celebrities according to her. So she asked Aubrey Plaza to go to Sweden and convince Bruce to come home.

Aubrey arrived in Sweden and spent her time loitering outside the apartment of Emma and Bruce. Emma noticed her hiding by their front door and asked what she’s doing in Sweden. Aubrey fibbed and said that she’s on a European comedy tour, which Emma didn’t buy. She thought Aubrey was there for Bruce. She knew Aubrey had a thing for her boyfriend.

Early that day, Emma told Bruce that being a money manager was a great idea, so why does he not actually find a job like it? She helped Bruce land a client because apparently, with Sweden being small, they know everybody.

Bruce met up with Björn Ranelid, a Swedish author, to discuss investment matters. His client couldn’t seem to grasp the concept of it as he handed Bruce money and coins from his pocket and told him to “make the money grow.” Bruce had to leave this client though because he received a text from Viveka about an emergency.

Turned out, Viveka only wanted to talk to him because she’s sensing he’s depressed about something. But Bruce told her that all he wanted was to become more Swedish, to think like them and be like them.

Viveka: “Well, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between depressed and Swedish.”

Viveka advised that he should just be himself. She also told Bruce she likes him better now than when she first hated him. Bruce was pleased to learn that he’s slowly winning over his mother-in-law.

Returning home, Bruce ran into Aubrey, who once again gave the same lie. She’s in a European tour, why does no one believe her? She asked Bruce to hang out with her, however, and he took her to the zoo, an old town and an ABBA museum. While there, Bruce met Björn Ulvaeus from the band, which he mistook for being a superfan because he wore this silly costume that the ABBA used to dress in. Meanwhile, Aubrey was bored and told Bruce that he’s become boring just like everyone in Sweden, so she left him.

At home with Emma, Bruce told her about what he told her mother, that he’s trying to act more Swedish, and his girlfriend told him that she wants the New Yorker Bruce back. This inspired him, and so he channeled his old self back, wearing this fancy suit as he made his way to meet another celebrity client. It was Björn Ulvaeus, the weird guy from the museum! And no, he didn’t need a money manager, he was fine with his investments at the ABBA museum.

Frustrated, Bruce confessed to Emma that he’s getting nowhere with this money manager bit that sometimes he’s considering going home to be a better option. In fact, Amy had a very enticing $300,000/year offer, which was so much more than the $80,000/year compensation Emma was negotiating at her work. Should he take it? Emma seemed to agree that they can move back to America. So what’s gonna happen now? Is Bruce returning home?

And that’s what happened in the back-to-back episode of “Welcome to Sweden” Season 1 Episode 6 “Parents!” and Episode 7 “Homesick,” which aired last Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014, on NBC. Check out the clip below, with the Evans and Wiik’s having lunch and Wayne offending everybody.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone


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