‘Welcome to Sweden’ Nabs Neve Campbell in a Recurring Role

By Rachel Cruz | 2 years ago
‘Welcome to Sweden’ Nabs Neve Campbell in a Recurring Role

One of the 90’s TV darlings, Neve Campbell (“Scream”), is heading to the NBC comedy series “Welcome to Sweden” for a multi-episode guest appearance. Read on for the details of this news story.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Campbell is set to be in four episodes of the Swedish-American series, which first ran in July 2014 on NBC. The half-hour comedy is partly based on the life of Greg Poehler, comedian and actress Amy Poehler’s brother. The show follows Bruce (Poehler), a top accountant in a New York firm. He uproots his life in America and relocates to Sweden to be with the girl of his dreams.


In the first season, the storyline focused on Bruce’s integration with Swedish culture. It was filled with funny mishaps and encounters from a man who’s still learning to become comfortable with the Swedish way of life.

The second season, which is also slated to run this summer, will deal with Bruce’s engagement to Emma (Josephine Bornebusch) and his continued transition in Sweden, this time as someone’s betrothed.

Campbell, according to the report, will play the role of Diane, who is also an American living in Stockholm. Diane is the head of marketing at a bank where she will encounter Bruce and Emma. Campbell has not been active on television since her last show, “Party of Five,” which bowed out two decades ago. She has, however, done guest appearances, the most recent of which is on “Mad Men.”

Aside from Poehler and Bornebusch, who also serve as executive producers and writers on the series, “Welcome to Sweden” stars Lena Olin, Claes Månsson, Per Svensson, Christopher Wagelin, Patrick Duffy and Illeana Douglas.

As previously reported on MNG, NBC granted the show a second season back in August 2014 for its good performance in the ratings. The show’s first season was a hit among the upper scale market of the network and averaged at least 3.5 million viewers in a season that’s usually a lull on television.

The series is the first show Poehler has created; it’s also his first acting job. Poehler actually worked as a lawyer before making huge changes in his life, when he married and moved to Sweden.

The show also airs ahead on TV 4 in Sweden.

Catch “Welcome to Sweden’s” return this summer on NBC and check back to this site for more updates about this show, as Movie News Guide (MNG) will regularly provide the news.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/NBC/ Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar