Wolverine 3: Logan Photo Leaks, Spoilers: Photo Teases Origin of X-23

By Tanya D. | 2 months ago
Wolverine 3: Logan Photo Leaks, Spoilers: Photo Teases Origin of X-23
Wolverine 3: Logan

A new photo for Wolverine 3: Logan hints at the origin of X-23. The image seems to confirm that the mutant is one of Sutter’s experiments.


Is X-23 Wolverine’s Clone?

The photo surfaced on the official Instagram page for the movie. The image shows a few vials filled with a liquid substance and some other medical supplies. There is a syringe and a device that looks like the one used as a mutant injection.

The caption in the Wolverine 3: Logan photo simply says “Supply.” However, several other Instagram users commented on the cryptic photo’s meaning. The image supposedly hints at the origin of X-23 (Laura Kinney).

Meanwhile, another user claimed the liquid substance resembles the serum that takes mutant powers away. Another commentator thought the injections could contain Logan’s healing serum.


A photo posted by @wponx on

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However, according to Movieweb, there is a likely chance that the photo hints at X-23. The site referenced the post-credit scene in X-Men: Apocalypse. In it, a man appeared holding a vial containing Wolverine’s blood. Perhaps, the mutant’s blood is the source of X-23’s powers.

In the Marvel comics, X-23 is actually a clone of Wolverine. Sutter and his Weapon X team used a sample from the clawed mutant’s blood to create X-23. Initially, the team wanted to create another Wolverine.

However, they failed in their attempts to create another male clawed mutant. Instead, Sutter and his team succeeded in creating a female mutant. This is the origin of X-23. If the photo speaks for X-23’s birth, then the film is sticking to the character’s comicbook storyline.

Meanwhile, fans have already seen their first look at X-23 in the first trailer for Wolverine 3: Logan. The preview introduced her as the only remaining mutant aside from Logan. Professor Xavier gave Logan the task of protecting her from what seems like Sutter and his Weapon X team.

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Photo Source: Instagram/Wponx


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