Wolverine 3: Logan: Reasons Why Hugh Jackman is Irreplaceable

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 months ago
Wolverine 3: Logan: Reasons Why Hugh Jackman is Irreplaceable

Logan will be Hugh Jackman’s last installment as Wolverine. The actor has been playing the role for almost 17 years now and has established himself as one of the most popular superheroes on-screen.


Not much is known about Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine’s future in the XCU but one also cannot imagine any other actor playing the role of Logan other than Hugh.

Here are reasons why Hugh is irreplaceable as Wolverine.

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As mentioned above, Hugh Jackman has been playing the role for almost 17 years now, which has resulted in him getting under the skin of the character perfectly.

His portrayal as Wolverine is so perfect that probably no one has ever complained about it.


Image source: Facebook/Logan


Even though Hugh might be a little bit too tall for the character of Logan, his looks remind everyone of the character. Hugh’s beefed up look too adds more charm to his portrayal and so does his body language.


With Jackman having played this role for more than a decade now, it could be a bit difficult for fans to see any other actor playing the role.

Reaction to Ben Affleck playing Batman was also not favorable initially because fans were already in awe of Christian Bale playing the role. The same could happen in this case if the franchise asked someone else to play the role.

Fan Following

Lastly, his fan following because of Wolverine alone is massive. Fans around the globe unanimously love and follow him and there is hardly anyone who does not like Jackman band his portrayal.

Coming Soon reported that new photos from Logan were released recently, which gives further look at Jackman’s Logan in the movie. Going by the pictures alone, it seems Logan is not what he used to be as he tries to protect his female clone Laura Kinney from the bad guys.

Logan will release next year on March 3.

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