World War 3 2016: Russia Propaganda Moves From USA to European Union

By Ancy John | 2 months ago
World War 3 2016: Russia Propaganda Moves From USA to European Union
World War 3 2016: Russia, USA, EU Ties Worsen

World War 3 2016 seems imminent considering the movies made by one of the superpowers in the world. Russia, off late, has been very calculative with its dealing with the United States and now the European Union. It seems Russia has its eyes on destabilizing the Union now.


With Russia moving so calculatedly, one would wonder if this is the follow up to World War 3 2016. The recent development in European Union suggests that something is brewing. The annexation of Crimea has raised some eyebrows.

If proceedings in the European Parliament are to be believed, things are not going too well. The parliament has voted on a resolution aimed at countering “disinformation” and “hostile propaganda” from Russia. Russian president Vladmir Putin has criticized this resolution.

World War 3 2016: Annexation Of Crimea

In 2014, Crimea was annexed from European Union. The Parliament accuses the Russian government of employing “a wide range of tools and instruments” including “pseudo-news agencies” to spread its messages, reports Independent.

The United States is going through a transition in presidency. There were rumors that Russia played a key role in bringing Donald Trump to the most powerful position in the world. National Security Agency Admiral Michael Rogers cites that there could have been interference from Russia to get the desired results. WikiLeaks also has bought in some startling information to the fore during the election campaign.

Cold War Between Russia And USA, EU

Since allegations of Russia interference in the US elections in 2016 surfaced, there have been tensions in the masses. Though former president Obama did not share a very warm relationship with Putin, Trump might change those equations. However, European Parliament alleges that Russia is trying to discredit European institutions as well as “incite fear and uncertainty” among EU citizens.

With such cold vibes between Russia and the USA and the European Union, is World War 3 2016 closer than one thinks?

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/European Union (Xavier Hape)


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