WWE Removes Hulk Hogan from Hall Of Fame, Saddens Former Wrestling Champion

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
WWE Removes Hulk Hogan from Hall Of Fame, Saddens Former Wrestling Champion

At this moment, Hulk Hogan is not a very popular person in the wrestling circuit. His name has now been removed from WWE’s Hall of Fame. Read on to find out more about the story.

Hulk Hogan is not being looked upon favorably by the wrestling business at present due to the racist comments made by him. WWE and Vince McMahon have tried to erase Hogan’s existence as much as they can and this includes removing his name from the prestigious “Hall Of Fame”.


It is quite evident that Hogan will have his own say on the business of his removal and being rejected from the same wrestling business that he had contributed in making him big during his heyday.

Hulk was recently present as a guest on a podcast run by Ric Flair, another legend in the industry. When he was questioned about his present status in the wresting business by the host, Hulk said that it is quite sad that WWE went to such lengths and removed his name.

Hogan also said that it was really sad that his name has been removed from “The Hall of Fame”, as it meant a lot to him. It was painful for Hogan that he has no existence in the wrestling business anymore.  Hogan also added that he would always cherish “The Hall of Fame” ring.

It is true that right now, WWE has no physical Hall of Fame but they have removed all references to Hogan that linked to their Hall Of Fame from their site. WWE wanted to distance themselves from the former wrestling champion in all forms or fashion after the Wrestler’s racist comments went public. WWE has also gone ahead and ended their contract with the former champion over his unflattering words.

WWE feels that this is just one of the aftereffects of his actions, which were unpleasant no matter how hard he has been trying since then to justify them.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons