‘X Factor’ UK 2015: 4th Impact Received Another Concert Offer; Record Deal In Works?

By Martin Suan | 10 months ago
‘X Factor’ UK 2015: 4th Impact Received Another Concert Offer; Record Deal In Works?

Radio presenter Dan has suggested to former “The X Factor” UK 2015 contestant 4th Impact that they should come and have a concert at Fun Kids HQ.

Two of the members of 4th Impact, Almira and Celina, dropped by at Fun Kids Radio and chatted with the station’s presenter Dan.


In the interview, they talked about their most unforgettable experience in the show, finding the time to shop after the elimination, what to do when being nervous, and many more.

And at the end of the conversation, Dan suggested some birthday ideas for Celina in which he mentioned about coming at Fun Kids HQ for a concert.

“I think you should come and play a concert for just Fun Kids at Fun Kids HQ,” he said.

To which 4th Impact sisters Celina and Almira replied, “Wow! Cool!”

Hopefully, it would happen.

Also in the interview, Dan asked the two to pick one moment that they could never forget in “The X Factor” UK 2015 and Almira answered it was the audition.

“That performance just make the UK people know 4th Impact exist in the world,” the 28-year-old pocket rocket said.

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The group’s audition performance was definitely unforgettable in which they took on Jessie J’s hit song “Bang Bang.” Theirs was the type of rendition that made all four of the judges give a standing ovation.


Since the video’s release at X Factor’s official YouTube channel, it had already reached, as of this writing, a whopping 34,096,370 views.

Many of their supporters (who call themselves Dreamers) expected the sisters to win or make it to the Top 3. However, their stint ended after being eliminated on Nov. 29.

Dan managed to ask what’s next for them and they said it’s “The X Factor” UK tour next year. However, another question is popping out: What’s next for them after the tour?

Unfortunately, the interview did not touch on record deals. No official word has come out about it too, except a petition by fans who called on Simon Cowell and Sony Music to sign 4th Impact, Telly Mix reported.

Here’s really hoping the sisters land a record deal.

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Photo source: Facebook|“The X Factor”